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Thank you for visiting Clearview Dahlias. We are not selling through our website this year, but will be selling those Clearview varieties we have available including our four new introductions through Lobaugh's Dahlias (lobaughsdahlias.com) beginning December 1, 2022.

Just as last year, we had difficult growing conditions this year and worried about our tuber harvest. It was kind of a mixed bag, with some varieties doing quite well and others doing poorly. We will have 27 Clearview varieties available. Fortunately, our new introductions produced well as did several of our more popular previous introductions, but we never have huge numbers so order early.

Once again, thank you for your support over the years and we hope our offerings have brought you as much joy as they have us in their creation. As I mentioned last year, our enterprise is moving along one year at a time. We will be cutting back next year's garden even further. We still have a number of seedlings in the pipeline, but we never like to introduce more than three or four per year. So long as my health stays good, I will continue with our work.

People have asked about the Skipley and Lakeview dahlias and where they can be purchased. Dick Williams (Skipley) is only selling two varieties this year. They are Skipley Swan Song (M-FD-W) and his new introduction, Skipley Reboot (BB-Id-DR). Both will be available from Lobaugh's Dahlias.

Bernie Wilson's Lakeview varieties are being carried by Lindsey Williams of the "Chelan Butte Dahliary". (chelanbuttedahliary.com)

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