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Thank you for visiting Clearview Dahlias. We are now taking orders for 2018. Please remember to indicate a shipping date with your order. We ship on Monday from Jan. 29th until April 23rd, and ship throughout the United States. We are no longer able to ship outside of the United States. We sincerely apologize to our loyal customers from Canada and the United Kingdom.

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New Introductions for 2018 New 2018 introductions from the Snohomish County Growers Cooperative
Clearview Tilly
$16.00 New introduction!

Clearview Scarlett
$14.00 New introduction!

Clearview Peachy
Sold out New introduction!

Clearview Pastelle
Sold out New introduction!

Clearview Palser
$16.00 New introduction!

Skipley Snoqueen
$18.00 New introduction!

Skipley Smoothy
Sold out New introduction!

Skipley Smiles
Sold out New introduction!

Big Bend Tony
$12.00 New introduction!

Mt. View Pam Foster
Sold out New introduction!

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